Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great Pictures!

The day after Thanksgiving, I got a great deal on a new digital camera at Wal-Mart (Yes, I went to WM, but not the scary one!). I have been picture crazy ever since!



Jonathon and his new pocket knife Grandpa gave him.

Ella (I took this picture from 15 feet away!)

Ella and baby ready to go home.

The camera loves you, Babe!!

Every time we go home to visit family, my cousin Emilee has a bag of clothes for Grace to try on. This time was no exception. In the bag Grace found this hat and instantly fell in love with it! It so suits her! She had a great time with the camera, as you can see!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Big Game!

Sunday, we went to the Panthers game with our friends, the Botts. It was Jonathon's first professional football game and he was so excited!

Waiting for the Botts to arrive so the adventure can begin!

Jonathon and Bradley outside the stadium ready for the big game.

This is so fun!!

Jonathon's favorite part of the game was at halftime when they had "Mascot Bowl". It was so funny!

I love this picture. It shows where their heart truly is.

Thanksgiving Pictures

We went home to visit family for Thanksgiving. We had a good time and it was really nice to see everyone. Here are some shots of our visit.

Jonathon, Grace, Ella and my nephew Isaac. Every time all 4 of them are together, my mom must have a picture. As you can tell, Ella wasn't really in to it.

Ella and Grandpa

Jonathon, Grace and my grandmother "Nana". She is who Ella is named after.

My grandparents, "Nana and Papa", with the kids.

Ella and Mommy

Starring Grace and Jonathon!

Last Sunday night, Jonathon and Grace both had performances at church. Grace and her class sang 3 songs on stage and then Jonathon and his group performed a musical called Cross Country. The children's musical are really impressive, because they are starred in by kids and the sets are created by kids. It is really cool to hear the kids spreading the message of Jesus in such a bold way.
"Oh! I hope I do a good job!"

Singing for Jesus!
Performing as part of the choir. Go Big Jon!

Saying his line about the love of Christ;

"Need some love to come your way? Follow Jesus. He's the way!"

Friday, November 16, 2007


Here are some new shots of the kids.

Grace and Ella are usually ready for a photo shoot, but as you can see, Ella's face is dirty and their room is a mess. Oh well, real life caught on film!

Cool Breeze says "Cheese!"

Ella and her baby, she loves him soooo much!!

Jonathon and Grace getting ready to go to town. He is so tall!

Grace and Daisy- Daisy looks so enthused to be having her picture made! Check out Jonathon's big feet in the background!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ella loves Daisy

On Halloween, Daisy hung out in the driveway to help give out candy. Ella thought she looked thirsty, so she brought her water bowl to her. Ella loves Daisy- a sweet little girl and a sweet old girl.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

In a Frenzy!

Today, I did something I have never done before. After church, we went to Rock Hill for lunch and then went to Lowes to get more gardening supplies. After Lowes, Les wanted to stop at the BP to check the air in the tires. As we were driving to the air pump, he pulled up to the vacuum, and said "is it running?". I said yes and he told me to jump out and start vacuuming the van. So the vacuuming frenzy began! We vacuumed like two Merry Maids on speed!! It was hilarious! I know anyone who saw us must have thought we were insane. The funniest part was we actually got more than half the van vacuumed- for FREE!! Too funny!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Girl Fun

Saturday, I took care of my friend Shannon's girls (she has 3!) and here are some of the camera worthy moments!

Grace, Ella and Draye see how many girls can rock the cow at once while Charlie watches. Whee!!!

Ella and Baby "Almond" lounge on the giant stuffed dog. "Almond's" name is really Autumn, but when Ella says it, it sounds like Almond. Too cute!!

Daddy Time

Les was out of town this past weekend (actually it was Thursday morning until Sunday night, but who is counting) and the kids missed him something bad. Ever since he got back, they have been glued to his side. Tonight they all played video games together, too cute. By the way, Grace beat Dad, 1-0 in Backyard Baseball, but Dad beat Jonathon in Star Wars Battlefront.

Funny Comments

My kids say the funniest things! Last night, Jonathon realized he had forgotten to do one thing of his homework - a pretest for spelling. He said and I quote, "its still R controlled vowels, and honestly, I am getting tired of them." I just shook my head! Then today as we were leaving BSF (Bible study fellowship), Ella and I were walking across the parking lot and she turned to me, with a shocked look on her face and said with all seriousness, "where is MY van?" Once again, I just shook my head.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mommy's little helper

Ella is going through a phase where she wants to help me with everything from the laundry to making beds. I think it is cute until I have to redo everything two or three times. Here she is setting the table- Ella style.

Birthday Blessings

Yesterday was my birthday- I know that explains a lot! I am a Halloween baby! Even though yesterday was hectic- it always is-, I still found some things to be truly thankful for!

Three things to be exact- Jonathon, Grace and Ella!

Trick or Treat!

We went on the hunt for candy in our neighborhood and had a great time. Les stayed in the driveway with the candy and Cindy and I set out with the 6 kids. They were all excited until at the 2nd house we saw a kid in a scary costume and then Ben and Josh were ready to quit, but thankfully they persevered. After one loop (1/2 mile), Cindy and I passed the older kids to Les and we took over candy duty. I am convinced he has the easier part of the bargain!
Jonathon- the football star!

Ella- the Hershey's kiss! Too cute!!

"Fair Lady Grace" ready for the masquerade ball.

Waiting for someone to answer the door!