Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daisy Girl

Daisy 5/9/94 - 5/1/08

Today we had to have our dear Daisy put to sleep. I honestly think it was the hardest decision we have ever had to make. She was a wonderful dog! She was never aggressive except twice when the situation warranted it. The first time was when we (me and Les) moved to Columbia and Daisy and I were home alone. A salesman came to the door and I thought she was going to eat him alive! She knew her role of protector very well. The second time she was protecting Jonathon when he was little. When I think of her, I smile. She was the runt of her litter. We got her at the animal shelter. I remember the first night we had her. I made her a bed on a bean bag and she looked so tiny. I remember a trip we took when she was still really young and she crawled under the driver seat. We laughed so hard about that. We have moved quite a few times, so Daisy has ridden in the front seat of a U-haul truck more than once. When Jonathon, our 10 year old, was a toddler, he would crawl all over her and she would just lay there. Even in her old age, her temperament remained the same. I keep a toddler once a week and she was crawling on Daisy one day. Daisy made a grumbled, raised her head to see if it was Abby, saw it was the baby and laid her head back down and didn't make another sound.
Daisy girl, we will miss you. We loved every day you were part of our family.


jennifer j

So sorry about Daisy. I had a dog named Daisy from when I was a little girl. She was the best! PS I like your fancy signature!