Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going to church!

Who would have thought this sweet little guy would have made his first trip to church so difficult! It started the night before when he only let his momma get 4 hours of sleep (NOT consecutive!) causing us to over sleep. We finally got out the door 30 minutes late! Oh well, we have a new baby- people will understand! On the way, I hear the dreaded sound of Matthew spitting up. Not just a little bit, but all over everything. I had tucked his burp cloth under his chin to keep his outfit clean, but that didn't help. It went all over his burp cloth, his outfit, and his warm blanket! When we get to church, we drop off the other three and go to the nursery to change Matt's clothes. We finally get to our SS class very late. Our arrival totally disturbs class, because every one wants to hold the little guy. We make it through the remainder of SS without an incident and head to worship. Matt and I stay for singing and then head to the nursing room for him to eat. We are still doing good at this point, until I go to change his diaper. He proceeded to pee on his back up outfit! I had only packed one extra outfit!! I know, this is kid #4, I should know better! This left us with a white long sleeve onsie, white socks, a white blanket, and a hat! At least it all matched! Needless to say, I was tired by the time we got home! Hopefully next week will be easier!



That is simply a blast from the past memory that makes me chuckle!! Better luck next week!