Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just plain hard

Being a mom is just plain hard sometimes. Sometimes things are so chaotic that I feel like I am drowning. The needs of those who depend on me sometimes weigh me down so much that I feel like I can't carry the load one second more. Some days it's the day to day things like never ending laundry and picking up and pulling Matthew out of mess after mess after mess. And other days it is so busy! Like today- we had two birthday parties, basketball pictures, and a basketball game all in a two hour block! Poor Matthew just got dragged along for the ride as we dropped off, ran back home for a forgotten mouthpiece, watched a little basketball, picked up, and rushed back to catch the last 2 minutes of the game. Grace and Ella had fun at their parties, Jonathon's team won. It is hard to see the quiet at the end of the day when the noise is bouncing off the walls in the kitchen or we have spent all day in the van. But no matter how hard, chaotic, frustrating or exhausting being a mom is, I would never, never, NEVER trade it for anything!! I am blessed beyond anything I could ever deserve. That knowledge doesn't' make it any easier, but it reminds me that it is a calling that I should feel honored to have received.