Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today, Matthew, Ella and I went to have lunch with Jonathon. We went through the Chick fi la drive through and took him a #1 with cheese (Matt Papa reference). He was very surprised to see us. I was not feeling good yesterday (understatement of the year!!!), so he thought I wouldn't be able to make it. His face lit up! We went and sat down and started eating lunch. He introduced me to some of his friends, some I already knew and we just enjoyed being together. Ella ate her nuggets and asked me to read her the book she got with her kid's meal. I told her she would need to wait, because it was VERY loud in the cafeteria and I was holding Matthew (forgot the stroller!). A few seconds later, I looked over and Jonathon was reading to Ella. My sweet 12 year old was taking time out of his lunch and time away from laughing with his friends to read to his little sister. Sometimes that boy just blows me away!! As we were getting ready to leave, he even let me hug him! I love my Big Jon and I am certain he is going to make a wonderful husband and father some day- but NOT for a VERY long time!!!! :)

*he is also coaching Grace's baseball team! Such a great kid!!