Saturday, August 28, 2010


This week has been so busy! Instead of trying to tell you about it in great detail (which I am sure all of my many readers would love- by many, I mean 3 or 4) I am just going to recap!

* Football- Jonathon has football practice after school everyday until 6pm. This makes dinner later, and baths later and bedtime later. Not good!

*Volleyball- I am coaching a volleyball team for a private Christian school and have practice everyday from 315-445. This wouldn't be so bad, but I have to take my youngest 3 with me. They do okay, but loading everyone up, making sure we have drinks and snacks, and getting there on time is sometimes (read every time) stressful.

*School events- Jonathon had open house on Tuesday 6-730 and had "Meet the Jackets" on Wednesday 6-730. Late nights= very cranky kids!!

*Coaching debut- Thursday was my coaching debut. To say I was nervous is the understatement of the year!! The nerves created a huge amount of unnecessary stress (read yelling at everyone in sight!) To top it off, as we were getting ready to leave, Matthew fell down the stairs! He was okay, just scared. I was pretty sure my heart couldn't take much more!!! We didn't win, but the girls did really good.

Last week was busy, and this week looks pretty much the same.