Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Fun

It feels like forever since I have had anything to post. I still don't have anything, but I thought you (whoever you are who reads this!) deserved something up to date. The kids and I have spent the week living at the pool. We go every morning at 11 and swim about an hour and a half to 2 hours, then come home for lunch. Ella takes a great nap! She has to be part fish! She jumps in and swims around with her floaties on (water wings that go on her arms). She is fearless! You will be holding her and she will want down, so she just jumps out of your arms and floats away kicking her little legs as hard as she can. I will have to take the camera to the pool tomorrow to get some pictures. Grace loves the pool and has learned how to swim underwater, and now has no fear. She jumps in 5 ft. and swims to the ladder like it is nothing!

We had a good 4th. We went to the pool (surprise, surprise!) and that night the adults went to the Knights game. Les and I went with our friends Chris and Laura Bott. We left all the kids at the Botts' house with the sitter and we hit the ballgame. We sat on the berm which means the grass on a blanket. It really wasn't bad, because we weren't sitting on hard seats, smashed between sweaty people. Laura and I went to get concessions, and were gone so long, Chris came to check on us. We really wanted to get a funnel cake, but the line was LONG. It stretched for 2 sections - which was about 60 people! I like funnel cake, but not that much! After the game, they had great fireworks! The fireworks must have lasted for 20 minutes! We decided to go the the van and watch from the parking lot so we could beat the traffic. Laura and I spread out the blankets on the grass, but this wasn't good enough for Les. He took the seats out of the van and he and Chris sat in them in the parking lot. I called them portable redneck recliners! I am sure the people around us thought we were crazy! Then some woman walked up and tried to ask Les and Chris to help her friend get her Mini Coop off the curb, but she was so drunk that they couldn't understand what she was asking and by the time they figured out what she wanted, some other guy had the car off the curb! Laura and I laughed soooo hard!

I guess I did have something to write about after all! I will post pictures tomorrow, Grandy!



i love the mental picture of chris and les in their redneck recliners!