Monday, August 17, 2009


Beginning to change things is not easy. Old habits are hard to break! Busy schedules do not make it easy to squeeze in the exercise. Needless to say, I think this may be harder than I thought. I am determined to lose the weight, so I will keep trying. Our pastor said something yesterday that really struck a cord with me in this area. "It is not about WILL power, it is about HIS power" I just have to continue giving this to God and allowing Him to take away those urges for things I don't need and are sabotaging me in this and open up time for me to exercise.

Weight check:
Starting weight: 184
Current weight:185
Weight lost: +1

Goal this week: Drink mostly water and lots of it!!

Reminder to self:
Remember! This is a process of small steps that will take time, but the end result will be worth all the effort and even the setbacks!! You can do this and you are worth it!!



I've been more determined after this one to lose the weight than the other two and so far have done pretty well. I'm almost back to where I was when I found out I was pregnant. My body is much different, though! I've been doing Weight Watchers and recently started doing the 10 Minute Trainer Videos. I highly recommend them because it's a great workout in just 10 minutes! I've not seen the incredible results they show on TV, but know that I'm getting my heart rate up and am trimming down in some areas. Good Luck and I can't wait to see/read about your progress!