Saturday, August 8, 2009

The girl in the mirror

Lately, (honestly for a while) I haven't been real happy with how the girl in the mirror looks. I have been hanging on the excuse of "just had a baby", but that baby turns 7 months old next Saturday, so that excuse just doesn't cut it anymore. I also have been telling myself that I am too busy (the whole 4 kids thing; breastfeeding) to exercise on a regular basis. Well, I am just over that. I need to take care of me! I need to be healthier to take care of this family and that begins with a few smarter choices- drink more water, smaller portions, being more active. I have challenged myself to lose 20 pounds and you all are going to help keep me accountable. I need someone there to remind me that it is okay if I slip up and have a bad week and I need someone there to give me a pat on the back on a good week. I am not going to set a hard timetable, but my goal is by Valentine's day. To help see progress, I am going to take a before picture (this takes real courage!!!) and weekly pictures (still lots more courage!!) until I get to take that beautiful after shot!! I will be weighing and posting progress every Friday. If you feel led, join me. Ready, set, go!!!

Starting weight: 184
Goal weight: 164
Weight to lose: 20 lbs