Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Brother

I love this picture. It is the one that is sitting on my nightstand. It conveys something that I know is true. Jonathon is THE big brother. They all look up to him and rely on him. He is protective and loving and wonderful (usually) with his younger siblings. I love how Ella is holding on to him and how Matthew is so secure in his lap and how Grace is at such ease leaning on him. I just love the man my boy is becoming.

This morning was a great example of who he is. I was up getting the girls moving and then was heading for a shower before Matt work up. I was walking through the hall and heard Matthew fussing. I knew this meant no shower! I must have "huffed" loud enough for Jonathon to hear me because he said, "I will get him Mom. Go take your shower." I just wanted to cry. What 12 year old does that??? He not only got him, but took him downstairs and got him some Cheerios and juice to munch on while he was waiting for me to finish up. As a friend said when she heard this story, that is husband material in the making! I fully agree! If he treats his future family as well as he treats his now family, some girl and kiddos are going to be extremely blessed by my boy!



Precious story and your right, the pic says it all.

He has been taught well!

Patty Patterson

What a wonderful big brother... and a loving son! You should be so proud!

Angel Eye Portraits

This brought tears to my eyes. Love it.


came across your blog by accident, but had to comment on how beautiful and happy your children look in these wonderful pictures. You must be such a proud Mummy x

Big Play

Great reminder that raising boys to become men starts early. I hope if/when Buxton becomes a big brother he cares as much for the littler ones. Thanks.

Pia Nygaard Pedersen

it is a realy beautyful picture