Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Funny

Tuesday night we went to Open House at the kids school. As we were visiting Grace's classroom, she grabbed my hand and started dragging me out into the hall. She said, "I want you to meet Nick!" When we got out in the hall, Nick's mom said, "You are Grace, so you are the one who is marrying my son." I looked at Grace for an explanation, but she just shrugged. Nick's mom filled me in. She said Monday at lunch, Grace proposed to Nick. I asked her what Nick said, and she said he just fell out of his chair being a boy. I warned Nick that Grace was "high maintenance" so he might want to think about his answer.

Well today, I talked to Grace's teacher about a library book that Abby aka Psycho Puppy chewed up, and she told me that on Wednesday, Grace brought her Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls for Share Day. She was telling all about them, when she said,"I named them. This one is Grace and the prince is Nick." Poor Nick's face turned a different color and one of the other boys asked if Grace was his girlfriend. The incident started a discussion on if Kindergarteners should have boyfriends.

What am I going to do with this child!!

The only consolation is her teacher told me she picked the best behaved boy in the class. I guess that means she has pretty good taste. :)



tell her that boys are trouble! you'll be having an expensive wedding if she's got 18 years to plan it :o)


I never thought of that!!! With her taste, it could cost millions!