Friday, March 14, 2008


Things happen in our house that really have no explanation. I am sure these types of things never happen to you, but if they do and you have an explanation, please share.

How does the chairs from the little table in the play room end up in my bathroom? And why am I the only one who can put them back?

Why do my older two children insist on watching TV on my bed, in the process destroying the piles of folded clothes, instead of watching the TV in the playroom? And when said clothes are disturbed, why am I the only one who sees them laying on the floor?

Why can't anyone other than me see all the things piled on the stairs, needing to go upstairs, when they walk right past them?

Why doesn't anyone notice the piles of dirty clothes until the item they want to wear is in said pile? And why am I the only one who works the washer without begin instructed by another adult? I honestly think Satan invented laundry. In fact, I am sure. There were no clothes until Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, so laundry is Satan's fault. Amen.

I know there are answers to all of these and many more of the mysteries of our lives in this madhouse, but I have no idea what they are. Now back to the dishes that no one knows how to do but me (and on rare occasion, the hubby).

Did you notice that this was a pity party post? Thank you for indulging me.


jennifer j

I am right there with you!! I do laundry 24/7 -- it NEVER ends!!!

Jen Dub-ya

I think it is some sort of optical disorder found only in males and young females (unmarried) - very sad cases - runs rampant in America - I think there is research now to try and find a cure as the laundry fairy was killed in a tragic flying accident involving a Cessna and a reindeer...happy weekending.


AMEN ... I knew that laundry was from the devil!


it reminds me of a carpet cleaner commercial where the lady talks about some strange stain in the carpet that no one in the house seems to know how it happened - - in a very eary, but sarcastic tone she says "spooooky" i love that commercial and i really do think that males have some optical nerve issue that prevents them from making the connection to seeing something that needs to be done and actually making a decision on their own to do it. lucky for me, i live with 3 of them!