Tuesday, March 25, 2008

YEAH God!!

As a result of attending the Thirst conference at our church, we have started having prayer time each night before the kids go to bed. The one thing God really spoke to me about during those 4 days was making my family my ministry. You would think that would be obvious, but sometimes all they get are the leftovers of everything I give to every body else (teaching at MMO, teaching SS, coaching). I am really trying hard to put them first. But back to prayer time. We all sit in a circle in the play room and hold hands. We each take turns praying and when you are finished you squeeze the hand of the person beside you. We have done very well and only skipped it one night. Each night after we finish, Ella cheers. She claps and screams YEAH! Last night, we prayed in a different order (normally one of the kids start, and I finish) and I prayed in the middle of the group. Ella stops us and yells, "I didn't get to pray!" I guess she thought since I was praying, we were done. Once she realized she would still get a turn, she was fine and did her usual cheer when we were all done. YEAH God!!!