Monday, September 22, 2008


*Warning* This post contains whining and self pity* Proceed at your own risk!*

Right now I feel extremely overwhelmed by my life. I am overwhelmed by the mess that always seems to be in my living room floor. I am overwhelmed by the never ending pile of laundry. I am overwhelmed by the crazy schedule our family is trying to keep. I am overwhelmed by the fact that all I feel like doing is sleeping or crying. I am overwhelmed by our finances. I am overwhelmed by the idea of taking care of a newborn when I can't seem to do a good job of taking care of the other three children I have. I am overwhelmed by the fact that no one in my family can do anything without my help. I am overwhelmed by how difficult our dog is. I am overwhelmed by my lack of energy and motivation. I am overwhelmed by the fact that I don't really care sometimes. I am overwhelmed. Completely overwhelmed. I hate this feeling and do not know how to shake it. I have fallen in to a "funk" and I can't find a way out. I feel like I am in a fight and life/ clutter/ schedules/ needs of others/ etc. are winning. I don't like feeling like this. This should be a happy time. I should be enjoying every minute of this pregnancy and watching my kids grow up. I should be focusing on the good and positive in our lives instead of the "overwhelming". Honestly, that is easier said than done. But I am trying, really I am.



When life happens, doesn't it suck?? I love ya girl and this too shall pass. It might just feel like a kidney stone in the process though.


Pull out the tissues and Breyers' and share it girl! Sorry your so overwhelmed! I'll be praying for you!


I have two kids and I understand a lot of what you wrote in your post. It seems like laundry is never done. After instructions are given to bring down all your dirty laundry, bedtime reveals laundry that was forgotten - normally, the shirt that was deemed as required for tomorrow. Laundry is rarely fun.