Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Jonathon!

In 1997, I gave birth to the sweetest baby boy. He was big- 8lbs. 10oz- and looked just like his dad. Tomorrow, that baby turns 10. He is still big -5 ft. 1 in.- and still looks just like his daddy. It makes me a little sad that my little boy is growing up. I think it is that way with all moms. But with each bit of sadness comes a lot of pride in the young man he is becoming. He is kind. He is one of those kids who wants to be friends with everyone and it makes him sad to see kids left out. He is the first one to invite people to stay for dinner (usually without asking me first, so I freak out about enough food, when I should be learning from his example). He is a wonderful big brother. Sure, his sisters get on his nerves sometimes, but he loves them and protects them like a big brother should. October of last year, he gave his heart to Jesus. Wow! Talk about a moment for a mom! It is so awesome to know your child is also a child of God and his eternity is set. I realize that his time left at home is shorter than the time he has already spent here, but no matter how old he gets, (or how big!) he will always be my little boy!

Jonathon loves science! When we went to the beach, we went to the aquarium and he was totally in his element. We had our own tour guide!

As you can see, they really do look alike!

Jonathon makes us laugh so much! He enjoys life! My dad used to tell me that I had a tickle box and sometimes it would fall off the table when I couldn't stop laughing. I think Jonathon has one of his own!

I thank God every day for the three wonderful children he gave me. Jonathon, we love you very much!! Happy Birthday, Bubba!!!!