Thursday, September 13, 2007


As some of you know, I have boycotted Wal-Mart after my awful checkout experience and my husband sent my tirade to the corporate head quarters. I thought nothing would come of this and once again I was wrong. (I can say that to you, not to Les!) I came home on Monday and had a message on my machine from the assistant manager at Scary Wal-Mart. She wanted to speak to me about my experience a few days ago at their store. I was floored! Don't get me wrong, this does not change how I feel about the SWM, but I was a little impressed that all of this had gotten back to the right store and they were doing something about it. I couldn't call her back at that moment and honestly forgot about it until she called me back later. She asked me to tell her what happened, so I did. She was very apologetic. I told her if the cashier had made an effort to apologize or assist me in righting the bag she dumped out, I would have been fine, but none of those things happened. She asked me if I would reconsider shopping at their store and I told her that I honestly didn't see a reason for me to come back. I told her that my experience was so bad, that I didn't think I would be returning. She didn't really know what to say. I honestly think she thought if she called and apologized that I would forget everything. I am all about forgiveness, but this may take me a little longer. She asked if I had my receipt, but I have already threw it away (who keeps a receipt that has already cleared the bank and you don't intend on returning anything?) I do not want this lady to lose her job. I would like for all of their employees to be more aware of how they are treating the customers who in the end are paying their salary. I may return to the SWM one day, but I will more selective of my choice of checkout. And if something like this were to ever happen again (God forbid!!!), I won't be leaving the store until the manager and I have a conversation, crying Ella or no crying Ella!



I was wondering if you called back or not.I bet the manager was surprised to have someone stand their ground.Good for you to not be a push-over. :-)
ps when Ben got home he and Josh went to play in their room.Ben had Josh sit down to do the Bible verse first.Is that how you do it at school?It was funny to hear Ben saying his verse to Josh.


Wow - - I can't believe they called you back. How do I say this correctly - - It's not like your not shopping at WM is going to put a dent in their profits so her taking the time to call one customer is pretty impressive. It's still WM and it's one of the worst WMs in the country, well, I may have to take that back because the one we go to here occasionally is pretty bad!!