Friday, September 28, 2007

Little things

Today I got a reminder that God is concerned about the little things that make me worry as well as the big things. Ella and I were going to Aldi's to get a few groceries. By the way, Aldi's is one of the cheapest places to buy food. Not a huge selection, but definitely great prices. Anyway, I was half way there when I realized that I did not have a quarter. Why did I need a quarter, you may be asking. At Aldi's you need a quarter to use a shopping cart, because they have the quarter thing on the carts so you will return them to the cart corral so you can get your quarter back. I started stressing about how I would get a cart. I realized that I had 3 dimes, so my plan was to go in and ask the cashier for a quarter for my 3 dimes. I didn't have to because God heard my prayer that I didn't even realize that I had prayed. There was a cart sitting there with a quarter in the slot. The quarter is what releases it from the other carts. I was totally blown away. I know in my heart that God will supply my every need, but sometimes my head doesn't get the message. I am so glad that he loves me so much that He will use things like a quarter to show me. I really needed the reminder, because the big stuff is really starting to wear me down. This reminder just lets me know that He cares about it all, big and small.



That is so cool! Glad you are able to see God in the small things in life!!