Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy beyond belief!!

We have been so busy lately! In the last 3 days we have been going non-stop! Here's a little recap:

Friday- we left at 8:30pm for a quick trip home for Les' moms birthday party (2 & 1/2 hours in the van) We stayed with my parents and no one went to bed before 12:30!
Saturday- Everyone up by 8 (I did not sleep well, I had a head cold and got hot during the night- not a good combination!) We all got ready and left for lunch at my brother's house at 10:30. Before lunch Les and my brother took Jonathon to the football field to work on tackling (Uncle J is the football expert in the family, and he said Jonathon had "what it takes!). We ate lunch, and the kids wrestled in the floor until we left to go visit my grandparents. We hung out with my grandparents for a little while ( the kids played with the puppy that my papa was trying to send home with us, picked apples and peaches off the fruit trees and I tried to take a nap in the swing- didn't happen). We left there and went to the surprise birthday party. It was really nice. Les' mom did not know we were coming so it brought her to tears to see us. The party was at a state park, so the kids had fun exploring and throwing rocks in the creek. Les took them for a walk over the swinging bridge (this was coincidentally the exact same time we were cleaning up) and they found 2 snakes. They were small and on rocks in the water. Close enough for me! We left the party and went to drop off the bunk beds that had been riding on top of our van since Friday night at Les' sister's house. Then we were on our way home; we arrived a little after 11. Whew!
Sunday- Sunday morning was church (I am a very big part of the children's SS program called Uptown and I have to be at church at 8:40am). After church, we came home and rested before returning to church Sunday night for a marriage class (I really enjoyed it!) Then it was home for showers and bed!
Monday- Up at 6:30 to get everyone off to school and work. Ella and I left the house at 7:35 to run errands before I had a meeting at church for MMO. We stayed there until a little after 12 preparing for tonight's Open House. We came home, ate lunch, did some laundry and dishes, and left at 2:25 to pick up kids at school. I hate the pick up line!! We came home, ate snack and started homework. G and V got picked up (two children I was watching and the reason we were in the car line) and we got ready for the evening's sports. Grace had soccer at 530 (we had a shin guard issue; she could only find 1! Thankfully we were able to borrow some from a friend who lives on the way to practice). I helped with her practice, did devotions and assisted with another practice at 630 and did devotions for that group also. Jonathon had practice at 630 at a different location (of course!), so Les picked up Jonathon and Ella and headed to football, but he took my van which had my clothes in it for my 730 softball game! Grace and I raced from the soccer field to football practice. I gave Grace to Les and changed clothes in the van. I arrived 15 minutes late (not too bad considering) and got to play most of the game. I played well! I hit a grand slam, a double and a single. The game was played the entire time in the rain! We won and are supposed to play tonight, but it has been raining hard all day, so I doubt we will play, which is good because I am so sore I can barely walk!

Told you we have been busy! I won't even start on the rest of the week! :)