Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bedtime Blues

My kids really don't like to go to bed. They would much rather stay up. They each have their own ways of stalling, which are pretty comical at times.

Ella is all about routine. She wants things done in the same order every time. Last night she added something new - she wants to sit in a box during her bedtime story. Les and I tried so hard not to laugh as she was moving the box exactly where she wanted and climbing in. I wish I would have had a video camera!

Finally in bed- after the box, a fight to put on PJ's, picking which green blanket she would be covered up with first and finding the right things to sleep with (book, M'house, cup of water, etc.)
Jonathon really hates going to bed because his favorite show -MYTHBUSTERS- comes on at 9pm. Last night he was really bummed because it was a new episode. He looks pitiful, doesn't he? (Notice the nice blue paint, thanks G-Pa!!)
Grace is the best at stalling. She uses things like brushing her teeth for 10 minutes and then needing to floss, or going to the bathroom, or getting a drink or her new favorite "My tummy hurts". As you can tell from the picture, she is NOT asleep. It was well after 9:30 before she went to sleep last night.

What am I going to do with these 3? Kiss them, hug them and send them to bed!!



I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who like to stall!Lizzie loves to ask deep questions,give many hugs and kisses,and make plans about the next day.Don't know where she gets the planning thing from!:-)
Ella is hilarious in the box!I was picturing a smaller one when you told me about it earlier.


i couldn't even read the whole blog without snickering! the box is way cute. i'm sure my day is coming, but so far bailey has NO stalling techniques. he's very good about going to bed...maverick on the other hand lets you know in his 7 month old scream when he's not quite ready to give up the fight!