Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am officially a terrible blogger. I just can't seem to find time or 'want to' to blog. Here's whats been going on around here lately.

Saturday, Les and Jonathon went to Fan Fair at Panther stadium with our friends Chris and Bradley Bott. They had a blast! They got to hang out, see a practice, get their face painted (Jonathon and Bradley, not Chris and Les), and get autographs. Jonathon is now a die hard Panther fan! While the boys were sweating to death in the heat, Grace, Ella and I hit the mall with the other half of the Botts-Laura, Emily and Julianne. It was tax free weekend! I racked up at Gap Kids, getting 8 articles of clothing for only $55. I was very proud of myself! The kids were very good and both the babies fell asleep in the stroller- at least for about 15 minutes!

Over the last couple of weeks, Cindy and I have been exercising in the mornings. We do a walk/run course in our neighborhood. Right now, we do more walking than running, but we are getting there! The other day, I drove it in the van to see how far we go - it is 2.5 miles!!! I know you must be impressed!! I don't get to go every morning because Les goes to the gym, but Cindy goes and gets more running done when I am not there :)

School starts in a little over 2 weeks and I can't believe Grace is going to kindergarten! Now I know what my mom was talking about when she said, 'you blink and they are grown'. It is bittersweet. I am so proud of the big girl she is, but I miss her being little. For example, this morning at church, she came to the door of my SS class (I teach 3rd grade) and said she had lost her earring. Doesn't it seem like she is too young to lose an earring? (We never did find it!)

Ella is growing by leaps and bounds! She can talk so well. Tonight she picked up the phone and had a conversation with no one. She said 'allo Grandy. What you doing? Bye, love you' It was too sweet! (Mom, you can wipe that tear off you cheek now :) She is so independent and set in her ways! Things have to be with who they belong to. One day Les was using my cell phone because he couldn't find his -big surprise :), and she had a fit! Mommy's hello! she screamed until he gave it back. She also has a certain order to do things. Each night, she has to pick which blanket goes on her first. (It really doesn't matter because they are exactly the same!) I wouldn't want her to be any other way!! One day those strong will qualities will come in handy!

In the last week, I have rearranged my bedroom (looks great, a lot more room!) and hung curtains downstairs. Do you think someone is watching too much HGTV? Probably, but whats a girl to do !!


Jen Dub-ya

I think the "men" should have gotten their faces painted, too...what party poopers...and a girl can never watch to much hgtv!


good for you and cindy for getting out and exercising. i'm so's orange fairing these days.


ella know's who to call to get what she want's