Friday, August 31, 2007

Stupid people, once again!!

This morning Ella and I took a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we needed - diapers, wipes, shampoo, milk - you know, the essentials. It was actually going well until time to check out. Ella was losing her patience, so I thought I would go through the self-check line to save time. Boy was I wrong!! As I checked out, Ella started crying and begging to get out of the buggie. As any mother knows, this makes your patience disappear! I got all the items checked out and was pushing the buttons on the screen to pay when something weird showed up. It said "Visual verification required". I pushed the go back button, but nothing happened, so I pushed the help button. By this point Ella is pretty loud. The lady at the little desk didn't come. I looked over and she was talking to someone and playing with that person's baby. My patience is gone, and my mad was increasing. She finally came and by this time Ella was very loud - people were starting to look! She pushed the go back button. Surprise, it didn't work for her either! She entered some code and asked me about pants. I said I had bought pants. She said, for $14.83? I said yes. Ella is now almost at full volume. The lady asks to see the pants, so I show her the bag they are in, and she proceeds to pull them out, dumping the entire contents of that bag in my buggy! She says I did not ring them up. I asked her how did the computer know I had pants that cost $14.83 if I did not ring them up. She said again that I did not ring them up. I am feeling wrongly accused by this point! I told her I did not mean to not ring up the pants and could she check. She pulled up my order on the screen and began to look for the pants. She said, see you did not ring them up. I tapped the screen with my finger and said LOOK! they are right here, I DID ring them up! By now Ella is at full volume with tears and sobbing. She punched in another code and walked away. Did she apologize? NO! Did she help me repack the bag she dumped out? NO! By the time I left the store, I could have rung that woman's neck! It just makes you wonder what they say in the interview process that gives the impression that they have any common courtesy! So, to try to make me and Ella feel better, I hit the McDonald's drive-thru. After talking to Les, I decided to call and speak to the manager to let him know why I will NEVER shop at that Wal-Mart again. I called. It rang 15 times before someone picked up and said "who are you holding for". I asked to speak to the manager and was put on hold and then cut off! I thought the www would be a better voice! So, if you are reading this and you live in the Charlotte or Fort Mill area, I am talking about the Wal-Mart on S. Tryon. Help me with my protest and use a different Wal-Mart! Moms UNITE!!!



i was never allowed to go to that walmart. allowed is a strong word -strongly discouraged is better so i protest from el paso!! i'm with you, would it know you had pants if you didn't ring them up? that was the most ridiculous excuse i've ever heard in my life.

Jen Dub-ya

sounds like their computers are smarter and more friendly than their employees...they should be ashamed...and that woman who was useless should go work at the dmv.

Jen Dub-ya

i will also protest your walmart --- but i like mine, so i won't protest mine - they always pat emma grace's head and give her stickers and they actually smile - all the useful friendly walmart employees must work at the acworth walmart


I hear ya!! I'll protest that one too. My blood would have been boiling at that time! It would have been one of those times in the van that the kids would be asking, "mom, what's wrong? can we hear songs...?" and I'd say I need some quiet to calm down, I need the time out!!

J.M. Trotter

You did a good job and the pics of Ella!