Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Pool

I think I can finally say we are officially on summer vacation now that we have been to the pool. I forgot how fun it is. I also forgot how much work it takes to get everything you need in the bag. Speaking of bags, I found the coolest bag at Harris Teeter (yes, the grocery store) for $19.95. Today I put in this bag 5 beach towels, bathing suits for 5 people, 4 Little Swimmers, 2 sun hats, 2 bottles of sunscreen, a bottle of water, a bag of Funyuns (YUM!!) and a barbie doll, and I still had room left over. I love my bag!! Back to the pool, Jonathon, Grace and Charlotte were raring to go. Ella on the other hand, was not so "Gun ho". The water wasn't bad except for that initial BRRR, but Ella wasn't having none of it. She wanted to go no further than the steps. She did get wet, thanks to her brother! Grace has grown and now can touch in 3 and 31/2 feet, which translates as completely fearless. She truly believes that if she has her floaty (the ring I paid less than a $ for) she can go anywhere. I need to be 2 people - one to sit on the steps with Ella and one to follow Grace around the pool. I guess I need to add 2 more to that because I need one to throw Charlotte (did I mention she is part fish and totally fearless). In fact today she said, I wish Mr. Les was here so he could throw her. Last time he threw her, I think she went a few feet above his head. After she hit the water, she came up asking for more. I also need one to play with Jonathon. He loves to play ball in the pool. No matter when we go, he seems to find someone to play with. Today he met a little boy named Dallas. As we were getting ready to leave, the boys grandmother came over to let me know what a nice boy Jonathon was. I told her that I tell my kids to let there outside reflect their inside. It is advice all of us can use. I have said it before and I will say it again, God blessed me with absolutely wonderful children - so much more than I deserved. Then the grandmother asked us about where we went to church and after gathering some info, she said they may see us there this Sunday. I wasn't even thinking about sharing anything about God, but He put such a great opportunity right in front of me. It's funny, I was dreading the trip to the pool, but it turned out to be great. I think if I would relax, a lot of other things would be great too.