Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer begins

It is the first day of summer vacation and I think it went well. We met friends at the park for a few hours and then we hit the mall. I know some of you think I am crazy to take four children to the mall, but its old hat to me. Did I mention that my friend has 3 of her own. Here we go, 2 adults, Jonathon, Grace, Charlotte, Emily, Bradley and 2 strollers holding Ella and Julianne. We hit the food court, which actually went very smoothly. Laura and I actually held a decent conversation with only about 6-8 interruptions. Those of you with children know this is pretty good. Then we all headed upstairs, via the elevator, to The Children's Place. I went in for Ella some shoes - they had flip flops 2 for $5. Let's just say we bought more than flip flops. While Laura and I were shopping, the kids roamed the store. Three girls and two boys (who would have rather been anywhere but in a clothing store even though they both got cool new t-shirts) going all over the store. The girls all wanted flip flops and sunglasses. Sounds simple, but it is not. Every time Grace picked up a pair, Charlotte would change her mind, causing Grace to change her mind, causing Charlotte to change her mind and on and on. I think you get the idea. To say the least, it was an adventure! Tomorrow, we are going swimming!! Summer fun at its best! YAHOO!!