Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beach Fun part 1

We had such a great week! The kids were awesome! Except for a few melt downs, their behavior was really good. I think the easiest way to do this is post some pictures with a little info. We'll see how this works, if it doesn't, I'll try something different.

This was on our first day at the beach. Don't I have a beautiful family? The kids loved the beach almost as much as me and Les :) Ella loved to go out in the waves, Grace and Jonathon did too. By the end of the week, Jonathon was using the boogie board on the big waves!

It was a toss up between the waves and the sand as Ella's favorite. Here she decided to combine them. One time, Cindy and I were out body surfing (sounds cool, doesn't it! really, we were just getting dunked by wave after wave, but it was sooo much fun!) when I looked back at the shore, and here came Ella! She was coming to play with Mom!

Grace and Lizzie taught themselves to boogie board - with a little assistance from us patents! They got really good and as the week went on, very brave! On Sunday, they were in the very shallow waves, but by Saturday, they were out in the waves that came up to their belly buttons! Good job, surfer girls!

Everyday, you could tell what time it was by Ella. Almost like clockwork, she was ready to go between 11:45 and noon. Here she is all wrapped up and ready to go back to the house for lunch and nap. We went to the beach everyday from 10 -12. Needless to say, Josh and Ella usually took really good naps!

I'll post more after the kids go to bed! Now that vacation is over, real life has returned!



glad you had a good time! it's so strange because i don't even really enjoy the beach, but every time i've read your blog or looked at your pictures i get this desire to go. i guess it's that 'we want what we can't have' mentality. i'll just imagine myself body surfing, i guess!