Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beach Fun part 2

Cindy brought a craft for us to do. I would have never thought to do that so I sure am glad there are people like that around. We made visors. The girls got a little carried away with flowers and ladybugs. Ella's favorite part of the craft was taking the stickers off and sticking them everywhere they shouldn't be - like on walls, carpet, furniture. This shot was taken while the little ones were napping and the guys were playing the PS2.

One day after nap, we went to a park a few blocks from the house. We rode the bikes, which can be an adventure in itself. The kids really enjoyed the playground, but I think there favorite thing was when Les convinced them to walk across the retaining wall that went about halfway around the playground. We would turn our heads, and Ella and Josh would be up there - those two have no fear! In the shot above, Ella, Ben and Josh are taking turns to go down the slide. In the shot below, Ella and Lizzie are climbing up to the slide. I don't think Ella knows she isn't supposed to be able to do everything the older kids can do!

We went to play mini golf one day after naps. This was fun. I got a hole in one, but Les did not!!! Ella liked to hit the ball. Grace always said she got 4 no matter how many times she hit the ball. The course was cool. It was based on pirates and they had a cool effect that made it seem like canon balls were being shot and landing in the water. The first time it happened, I think all the kids jumped :) Two holes were in a cave. The only drawback was that it was really hot! The shot above is the Gale family. Josh was very funny. On one hole Ella hit the ball in the rocks, and he ran and got it and brought it back to her to hit again. It was sweet! The shot below is our family. Jonathon and Grace always tried to hurry to the next hole. I think we called them back a million times! Luckily no one was in front of us.