Saturday, June 9, 2007

Victory Sports

As you can see, Victory Sports is a family event for us. Les and I both coach. Jonathon and Grace both play. Ella is always along for the ride! I have never been involved with an organization like this before. It is awesome! Not only do the kids learn to play, but they also learn about Jesus. But the league isn't only for the kids. The parents are totally involved also. If they don't coach, they help out at practice, or become team moms. This year, I had to be the luckiest coach in Victory Sports. I not only had 2 assistant coaches (one was a former Winthrop University batting coach), but I had 2 dads that helped at almost every practice and most of the games. My team mom was amazing! By the second practice, she had everything organized for the entire season. I also had moms who were there to do anything that was needed, like Terri, who took care of Ella almost every practice. During games, all the coaches helped all the kids. There is no pressure to win, just to do your best. I watched Jonathon turn into a totally different player than he was in the other league we played in. He gained so much self-confidence, it was amazing. I think he is finally starting to grow into his size. He is only 9 but he's 5 feet tall and weighs 98 lbs. I don't think I will be able to keep food in the refrigerator in the next few years :) The difference in Grace was amazing. Last year was her first year in T-ball, and to say the least, she hated it. She hated that the glove made her hand sweaty and she hated that the hat made her head sweaty, and she hated fielding the ball. The only thing she liked was hitting. This year, she never complained about being sweaty. She learned the right way to field the ball and throw the ball. She learned to play first base, kinda :) As her coach, I was soooo proud, but as her mom, I was beaming!! To have a daughter who could possibly be a future member of the orange, is just too good to be true!!

This is me getting Grace all set at first base. If you look close, you will see that her glove is pink! You can see that she is "all girl" no matter what she is doing!
The next sport is soccer. As you guessed, Les and I will both coach, Jonathon and Grace will both play, and Ella will be along for the ride. And best of all, LOTS of kids will get to hear about Jesus!!