Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I know you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats to know the results of the season opener for the ORANGE, sooooooo, we won 6 to 3 over Tega Cay Baptist. Being the pitcher, I first need to whine about the home plate umpire. His strike zone was all over the place! Okay, whining over. We played well. Suzanne led off and went 2 for 3. Lisa hit well, even though she struck out once. If looks could kill, we would have had to call the coroner when the umpire called the third strike! Shannon was on the mark at short stop- even though she had a baby just 6 weeks ago. I had a few outs at pitcher - 2 line drives, a pop fly, 2 ground outs, and a strike out, but who's counting. I would have had 2 pop flies, but I totally misjudged the ball and tried to back peddle and almost ended up on my rear and I didn't catch the ball! I am sure it was comical to watch. Laura Bott- fellow left field super star to Jen Wade- got player of the game for going 3 for 3. Okay Mrs. Wade if you are out there, we missed you!! Hopefully they have softball in EP, but I'm sure they don't have the ORANGE!!



yeah! i'm glad you won your first game of the season. good for laura over there in left field. i can only imagine the look lisa gave the ump! i'm sure kyle still remembers the look i gave him last year when the ump obviously called what should've been the 3rd strike a ball and i was walked. i remember getting to first base and telling jerry 'i just struck out.' :o) those umps are in their own little world!