Monday, June 18, 2007

We are here!!!!

We are here!! Here are a few shots of the gang and all the fun we are having. I'll try to keep you updated on our super fun adventure!

Grace and Lizzie at dinner waiting for the food. We had to wait 30 minutes for a table, then the service was awful. The food was good - once it came. The kids did great with the wait!

Our first day at the beach was so much fun. Most of the kids loved the water (Josh wanted no part of it, but really enjoyed the sand). Jonathon is trying to escape a wave in this shot. Ella did great, and I think Grace may be part fish! Her and Lizzie had fun putting sand on their legs and letting the waves wash it off.

Here's the whole crew. As you can tell we take over everywhere we go!!

Beach Bum or Mermaid? You decide! Looking cool, Grace!

You could win a prize if you can guess what or who is floating in the water :)

This is on the way down. Ella loved using the headphones to watch the 'oovie'!!


Jen Dub-ya

I could spot those big ol' heads anywhere!!! ...even hiding in the waves, the preschool hall or in the sound booth. I'm jealous! Play in the sand for me, my sand bucket is in a box somewhere!


those two goofs were obviously escaping child watching responsibilities by being that far out in the ocean. don't get too much sand in your cracks!

Jen Dub-ya

ewwww, sand in your cracks...the only pitfall of being a beach bum!


In their defense, they usually let Cindy and I have the first round of waves to play in.