Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To swim or not to swim

This week has been weird. I know you are thinking, its only Tuesday, but let me explain and you will understand. A little background info is necessary. Our neighborhood does not have its pool yet - we expect it any day, but trust me, neither one of us have time for me to go down that road! Since we don't have a pool that is close, like last year with Charlotte's neighborhood pool, we have been inviting ourselves to everyone pools. Sunday, we went to a pool party and cookout as an appreciation for Children's Ministry volunteers. I can hear you now, Mrs. Wade, and yes they had to wait till you left! :) While we were there, we lined up 2 days of pools. For those of you who know me, you know I am not shy and don't have a problem asking people things! So, Monday we (me, my three kids, Charlotte and two other children I was keeping - that is 7 people total) were going to my friends pool at her house. I called Monday morning just to double check and get directions, and she told me that she had decided 6 kids was just too much. I guess some people have a kid limit - I just haven't found mine yet :) No big deal- sprinkler time!!! So last night, I talked to Kara to double check about going to her neighborhood pool ( the same one where the pool party was held, so no problem, right?) We couldn't go because DHEC made a surprise inspection and they did not have all the signs they needed so the pool was shut down! By this point, I think it is not meant for us to swim! So we load up and head to Target - where all moms go when they can't go swimming :) While there, Cindy called and said Sheri's pool had just become an option, but the time frame would interrupt nap time. It took me about 6 seconds to decide that Ella would nap late and we would finally get to swim! When we got there, the pool was full of debris from the storm last night, so we had some clean up to do. While we were cleaning, Ella fell and hit her lip on the concrete. You guessed it, she fell apart. Now, I am starting to rethink the whole late nap thing, but she settled down and we finally got to swim. Grace decided today would be the day she would want to try jumping off the diving board. Only she waited till time to go and I had already changed my clothes. Thankfully, Cindy was available to be rescue catcher. She didn't need it! She did awesome! I think all three of my kids are part fish, because they LOVE the water - pool, sprinkler or ocean!!



you're a brave woman. i'm not sure that bailey will even see a pool this summer!