Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Did I say 6?

I said yesterday that I would have 6 children in my house today, but I was wrong, it is 7 - Jonathon, Charlotte, Draye, Grace, Grace Madison, Charlie and Ella. Jonathon, Grace and Ella are mine, Charlotte you know, Draye and Charlie are sisters and I play ball with their mom - GO ORANGE! She had errands to run. Grace Madison is our neighbor. Her mom is painting their new church building. They have been doing pretty good this morning! We have colored, watched Noggin and now we are enjoying the playroom (aka trashing beyond belief :). My goal today was to mop the kitchen, but with that many little feet, it may be impossible. That is just too bad that I won't get to mop, it was going to be the highlight of my day:)

Coloring is hard work when you are a toddler and your mom FINALLY lets you use the markers. Great job, Ella!!

Only 4 days until vacation and I can't wait! The last real family vacation we took was when Grace was 6 months old! She is now 5 years and 3 months. That is too long for anyone, especially a stay at home mom (Yeah, right, like I stay at home- more like stay in the van mom!) that seems to collect children on a daily basis. We are going to Myrtle Beach with the Gales. 4 adults, 6 kids and a dog are loading up- Myrtle Beach here we come!

VBS was great again last night! Somehow I keep ending up on stage acting silly! I know you are completely shocked by that. We had 320 the first night and 350 last night. I had 45 in my squad, but the 4th grade won the prize for biggest squad - they had 51!! God has been awesome in providing workers for all these kids. He also has worked the weather amazingly. Yesterday, we had rain from late morning till right before we left for VBS. Not a drop fell from the sky until we were pulling out of the parking lot. YEAH GOD!!! I can't wait to see what He has in store for us tonight!