Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One simple shower!

How much chaos can happen during a five minute shower? This was what I was asking myself when I decided to take a quick shower (is there any other type when there are 4 kids in the house?!). Obviously a lot of total chaos!! By the time I had my hair wet and soapy, Grace was crying because Ella threw something (this, by the way is her new thing) that hit her in the leg. Charlotte came to the door to fill me in on all the details, so I told her to tell Grace to come to the bathroom (remember, I still have a head full of shampoo). She came back saying Grace couldn't walk. Now you need a little background information on Grace -she is a drama queen. Any and every time she falls or feels pain, she screams and falls apart. So you can imagine that I am not too concerned about hearing that she thinks she can't walk. I tell Charlotte that Grace can either come to the bathroom or wait on me to get out of the shower. I rinse my hair and pick up my face wash and hear Charlotte at the door again - I think you have already guessed that she loves to let me know everything. Ella is crying because Jonathon hit her with the light saber (yes, like the one in Star Wars). At this point, I lose it. I tell her that everyone needs to find a seat and stay there until I get out of the shower. By the time I am rinsing off, Ella is in the bathroom with me (probably the safest place for her at this point). She "helps" me get dressed and I go to deal with the chaos. First, I make sure Grace can walk. She can and looks almost embarrassed at the ease of walking across the room. I then let Charlotte get out of the rocking chair. Finally, I remind Jonathon that he is 8 years older than his sister and he shouldn't swing the light saber at anyone. He responds that she claims the light saber is hers, at this I just stare. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon a morning in our house. Oh well, we still have the afternoon to look forward to!!



i just have to laugh because i can only imagine what your shower was like! i have to schedule my showers so that i can enjoy them even if it means i go a full day without one, which i'm sure you do, too! next time you should just send them all to cindy's! :o)